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United States
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It took me forever to actually sit down and design him but here's my MYO Dainty!
Pokimono NPC Application: Qiuyue Wen

Name:  Qiuyue Wen

Pokemon:  Umbreon

Age:  18

Village:  Radiant Harbor

Job: Courtier

Ability:  Synchronize

Attacks:  Baby-doll Eyes, Dark Pulse

Likes:  Floral arrangements, sweet foods, kindness, tea, family

Dislikes:  Yelling, using force, spicy foods, closed-mindedness, immoral behavior

Personality:  The young Umbreon is very sweet and soft. She's easily impressed, awed at basically any show of strength or ability. It should be noted that she's extremely gullible and very trusting due to her lack of societal skills. She's not very physically active but loves calm, stationary activities and polite discussion. In her early teen years, she had heard of and longed to become a priestess, but her parents turned down the idea, but she kept modeling her behavior as such despite it. She's not above pouting to get what she wants, but that's only a last ditch effort if it's something she “has to have/do.”

History:  Qiuyue, or Yue for short, grew up as a very sheltered child. Her parents felt the need to keep her at home when it wasn't necessary for her to be out and about, leaving her with only her hobbies. The only friends she ever had were those of nobility from families similar to hers, and as much as she accepted them, they felt forced and unnatural. This didn't bother the young child as she was glad to have company either way. She grew up with various different lessons; tea pouring, art, music, flower arranging, singing, and dancing. Her favorites were always arrangements and dancing, and she holds a tune well with her sweet voice. Her parents were very proud of her achievements in such courses, but as their only child, it was necessary to set up an arranged marriage when she became of legal age. Despite being eager to find out who they were, as well as starting a family of her own, Yue has yet to meet her fiance-to-be.

Additional info: 

Qiuyue's voice would be like the singer for <…>XYLØ</url>.

She's about 5'4” and 125lbs.

She avoids fighting at all costs and would prefer to settle anything and everything peacefully.

Despite being thin, she's not exactly “healthy” in a physical fitness sort of way. She has a decent amount of squish.

Main Character:…


FoH Application: Kast

Age: 29

Date of Birth: November 17

Height: 6'6”

Weight: 275 lbs

Gender: Male

Race: Gerudo

Class/Occupation: Knight/soldier

Race Skill(s): n/a

Class Skill(s): n/a

Alliance: Power / Lawful Evil

Likes: Battle, working out/exercise, training, shade, meat, swimming

Dislikes: Sitting idle, cold, fruit/sweets, “immoral” people, too much talking, overly pompous people

Personality: Kast is very stoic, preferring actions over words. He cares a lot about his work and doing what he thinks is right, even if it doesn't suit other people's moral compasses. Given that he was almost cast out as an infant, he relies mostly on himself rather than being trusting of his own kind – but this doesn't mean he isn't bound to protect them. Kast is beyond patient, except for those who are too chatty or are impatient, themselves. He's very begrudging and never forgets when someone does him wrong... but he isn't vocal about it; he bides his time. He has a bad habit of losing himself in battle, getting carried away with near blood lust with his need for physical exertion. If he isn't repairing something, he's constructing and hates to be idle. Sometimes he can come off as rather malicious or dickish.

Bio: After the disappointment of being born a boy, Kast was nearly sent away to live with other races outside of the Gerudo, but one of the members from groups who still valued men took him in to live with them. As a child he was very active, refusing to stay idle in an almost hyperactive fashion, often causing trouble for those who cared for him. Once he was old enough, he was set to train in the way of their warriors, working hard to hone his skills and find purpose for himself. He felt he owed his particular group his life, devoting himself to protecting them with all his might. More than anything he grew up strong, far too bulky to be a thief, so his trainers shifted gears and began training him as a knight, instead. He took to this well, preferring to exert as much of himself as he could in battle rather than sticking back and judging opposing attacks. All Kast wanted was to make those who took him in proud and prove himself useful to the Gerudo race – especially to shove it in the faces of those who tried to get rid of him (and even more so, his mother).

Other information: Kast is bi, but leans toward women. He's less likely to talk to them than he would a few other races, but Kast doesn't completely hate all others – he's just very distrustful. His body is littered with scars from training before given proper armor.

Relationships: n/a (more to come)

Rp method: Discord


Pokimono Application: Kei Chiba

Name:  Kei Chiba

Pokemon:  Pidgeot

Age:  29

Village:  Scorched Mountain

Job:  Thief

Ability:  Keen Eye

Attacks: All new villagers start out with only 2 attacks  Agility, Mirror Move

Likes:  Cute things, dark themes, stealing, causing problems, company

Dislikes:  Getting caught, boring people, people lying to him, too much peace, silence

Personality:  He knows he's hot. He flaunts it without issue. He's a punk through and through, giving sass to anyone who he felt “deserves” it. Kei's very good at getting on people's good sides so he can sneak things from behind their noses with his sticky fingers. If you got to know him, you'd find out that he's actually pretty decent company. He rarely loses his cool and knows how to talk his way out of just about any situation. If you are able to corner him in a lie, he'll try to play it off as if it were no big deal and try to leave the conflict. He's not one for fighting despite his initial rough and tumble attitude and prefers to use his speed and wit to get out of a bad spot.

History:  Kei never knew his parents and that was fine by him. In his opinion, if they couldn't care enough to raise him, then they didn't deserve to be in his life. He was taken care of by a kind Growlithe within Scorched Mountain, but unbeknownst to them, he would sneak out every night to go thieving. Kei was very good at hiding his finds, so even to this day his former guardian never found out. He loved to stay hidden and unknown so no one would suspect him, but he was very good at faking it to make acquaintances while growing up.

Additional info:  Kei is a very good singer and sometimes lulls people into trusting him by his voice alone. He's also a pretty good dancer. He always keeps his right arm in his top, protecting an old (and long healed) stab wound from when he was caught stealing in his early 20's.


New pokebab!

Hey guys! To spare you having to read the same thing twice, I'm going to link you to my tumblr post! I'm not dA savvy and can't seem to get my journals to show up in the tags/search, so I would appreciate it if anyone could spread the word for me! Please and thank you!

Art will be done as quickly as possible and there are unlimited slots!


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